Hvordan opretter jeg en API bruger?

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    Benyt vores step-by-step guide

    API-brugere benyttes til at eksterne systemer kan forbinde til shoppen og udføre handlinger automatisk. Det kan f.eks. være integrationer af kasseapparater, lager- og økonomisystemer mv.

    1. Gå til Indstillinger > API: SOAP:

    2. Mark API access and save your changes:

    3. Go to Settings > Employees:

    4. Click Create employee:

    5. Fill in the fields at the top of the page and check "API" in the Permissions section:

      The e-mail adress can, in this case, be fictional, as it it used as a username and is not expected to be able to receive mails. You can use an email adress that describes the purpose of the employee, eg. "api@my-pos-integration.com", etc.
    6. Save your changes to finish the setup of the API-user:

    Good to know
    • You can suspend/unsuspend and delete API users from the individual user's profile overview in Settings > Employees:

    • The API log for all active API-users is located here: Settings > API: SOAP 


    Further reading

    You can read more about employees (administrative users) in this article.